Feature: Managers of CBM

Paul and Chris Farmer

Chris and Paul were born and raised in the Midlands and they lived in Wolverhampton prior to leaving the UK to come and live in Cyprus.  For 12 years in the UK they had a company based in Wolverhampton, where they specialised in the manufacture of their own brand of pop-up sunroofs.  They exported to the USA, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand. Once they realised the pop-up roof business was in decline they turned their attentions to other markets and diversified into tube manipulation with such extremes of manufacturing as Sheep Gates for a farm in Scotland to large chassis bent tubes for Bentley Cars!

Paul and chris Farmer, managers at CBMChris and Paul have lived in Cyprus for just over 4 years where Paul has become an active member of the Korineum Golf Club, sitting on the Committee for around 2 years. He also enjoys playing golf and tries to get out as much as possible, though it is not doing much for his handicap!

They have worked for Evergreen for just over 3 years previously managing Crystal Bay View until recently, when they felt it was time to concentrate their efforts on the management of Crystal Bay Marina.  They have now managed CBM for some 15 months and have enjoyed meeting with a large majority of the owners. They feel they have made some inroads into the development of CBM but feel they still have quite a way to go to make the site one we can all be proud of.